#WWIM16HYD Wrap-Up

Hello Hyderabad,

We would like to thank you all for joining us in the #WWIM16. It was a great meetup for all of us. A special thanks to @vsnu, @mzubber who helped a lot of people to get to the right location. Also we would like to thank you all for helping each other as the Google Map was showing wrong location.

We apologize to all of them who were unable to attend this event due to this location issue. We deeply regret for it. However, we would like to assure you that for the next meetup we will plan and execute the management part properly.

A lot of people have requested for the group picture. So here it is. You may download it from this page. This picture is taken by Prudhvi Chowdary. If you are sharing this image online, please give the credit to the photographer.

We have planned a lot of things for this meetup. But for the location issue we could not able to do all those things. So there are a lot of things about #KindComments. We just want to mention few of them.

In  #WWIM15, the theme of the meetup was #Kindness and this time we have the theme #KindComments. So as the @Instagram community is growing rapidly, it is essential for all the community members to understand the value and importance of each and every tool available in Instagram. Comments are integral part of Instagram. Comments can help to increase the impression/reach of your page. However, there are a lot of people who are spreading hate speech or spam links through Instagram comments. So Instagram has introduced some solutions which you can use to have a better Instagram Community around you. So these tools are –

  1. We have delete/mark spam option for each comment.
  2. Under Options (3 dots) > Settings > Comments you have the option to add the username of a person from whom you don’t want to receive any comment.
  3. In the same menu, you can also see that “Hide Offensive Comments” option is automatically enabled. This will work if the offensive comments are either in English or the languages which are supported in the Instagram app. You may go to Options > Settings > Language to check the supported languages for Instagram app.
  4. Also under the same menu, you have the option to manually add the abusive or offensive words manually. So you may use this option for your local language or the languages which are not supported in Instagram.
  5. Also you may block/report anyone if you are noticing anything wrong or offensive. Instagram support team will help you further.

So these are all things that we have planned to explain in the meetup. We will upload the photo gallery for #WWIM16HYD soon. Stay connected to our Instagram account @hellohyderabad and the Instagram stories for all the updates. If you want to share your photos for the #WWIM16HYD photo gallery, you may email us at submit@thn.city. If you have any questions about comment moderation or anything about Instagram or @hellohyderabad, feel free to contact us at hello@thn.city

Thank you