Introducing Hungry Hyderabad!

We have added a new community @hungryhyderabad to our network. As the name suggests, its a community for foodie and food lovers from Hyderabad. The objective of this community is to share information about awesome places for breakfast, lunch & dinner in Hyderabad.

Apart from information about food, we will also share interviews on food bloggers and documentaries on restaurants.

To get featured on @hungryhyderabad, you may follow the below guidelines.

  1. Create your own content (Picture or Video post, Vertical content for Instagram story).
  2. Mention all the information about your content(name of the food, restaurant, price).
  3. Use the hashtag #hungryhyderabad.
  4. You may also share content on homemade food.


  1. As Instagram is a visual platform, focus more on the visual aspects of your content.
  2. You can use a bulky DSLR or your smartphone to create your content. It’ll not affect the selection process. Creativity is all we need.

Please share this information with your friends and fellow food lovers, instagrammers in your network and let them know about this community.