@hellokolkata: Top posts of May 2017

Hello Kolkata!

These are the top 6 photos from our @HelloKolkata Instagram community in May 2017. Links to the featured artists are available with each picture. Visit their Instagram account for more amazing pictures. Also do share your photos and videos with THN – “The Hello Network” by using #HelloKolkata in your posts.

THN is now two years old and @HelloKolkata is now over one year. We appreciate your love and continuous support in our journey. On our second anniversary we have launched a Facebook group. Its an open platform for all community members from all local communities of THN. Click here to join the group and share your creativity with us.

In Instagram our options for sharing contents is limited. As we can only share pictures, videos. However, in this Facebook group you can share any from of art and creativity.

We hope that this will be a great place to know other artists from different cities and it might also bring you options for collaboration.

Top posts of May 2017:
By: @imanisha_insta
By: @a.r.i.t.r.a_b.a.s.u
By: @_stuck_on_the_4th_floor_
By: @ayantika_saha_
By: @i.am.pritam
By: @soumya_n_ghosh