Crush It!

“Crush It!” is a weekly live show by “The Hello Network”, where we invite influencers (Bloggers, Photographers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Youtubers) for interview and LIVE Q&A session. It’s an Instagram live stream where we connect to our guests on Instagram story and the live video stays only for 24 hours.

You can get the information about the guests and topics from the list below. You are most welcome to ask your questions while the show is live. Also you can ask your questions on comments on the respective blog on our website. 

Format of the show:

This is a 30 minute show. We can extend it to 40 minutes (max) if required. The first 15 minutes is about the guest and the topic of the episode. After that we continue with Q&A. You can find the information about topic and guest of upcoming episode on our Instagram page and on the respective local community page. 

Want to be a part of “Crush it!”?

If you want to be a guest on our show, please DM us at the local community page/Email us at and tell us more about your story, your instagram handle, topic of discussion etc.

*Please mention “Crush it!” on the subject of your email.

Upcoming Episode:

Episode 14: February 24, 2018: Live Talk show on Social Media

Past Episodes:

Episode 13: January 21, 2018: Highlights from #HydInstameet 2.0

Episode 12: January 14, 2018: Live Q&A with Photographer Surya Teja Kandukuri

Episode 11: January 07, 2018: Live Q&A with Photographer Aakanksh Piratla

Episode 10: December 31, 2017: Live Q&A with Photographer Prudhvi Chowdary

Episode 09: December 24, 2017: Live Q&A with Photographer Nehal Kaza

Episode 08: December 17, 2017: Weekend of a Campion with Camp Diaries Community

Episode 07: December 10, 2017: Live Discussion on #LiveTheLakes & #HydInstaMeet 2.0

Episode 06: December 03, 2017: Live Q&A with Photographer Vishnuvardan

Episode 05: November 26, 2017 Live Q&A with Artist Rohit Soni

Episode 04: November 19, 2017 Live Q&A with Fashion Blogger Preeti Pooja

Episode 03: November 12, 2017  Panel discussion on “Plagiarism on Instagram” 

Episode 02: November 05, 2017 Ask Shagun Segan

Episode 01: October 29, 2017 (Full Video)

* On Episode one we had two interviews(with Karthik Abhiram and Ajay Panigrahi) but this video contains only the first part of the interview.