#CrushIt – Episode 10: Live Q&A with Photographer Prudhvi Chowdary

Our guest for Episode 10 of “Crush It!” is Photographer Prudhvi Chowdary (@prudhvichowdary). Prudhvi is one of the best landscape photographer from Hyderabad and we are proud to have him on the last episode of Crush It – 2017. In this episode, we will discuss about his achievements, workflow, photography and editing skills. Also we will discuss about gears and all the social platforms he is using for distribution of his work.

The episode will be there on our Instagram story for 24 hours after the live broadcast. If you want to ask any question you may ask during the live broadcast or you can comment here.

Episode 10

Guest:  Prudhvi Chowdary

Host: Subham Swain

Broadcast ID: @HelloHyderabad

Date: December 31, 2017

Broadcast time: 6.00 PM (IST)

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