Crush It Episode 14: First Live Talk Show on Social Media

Episode 14 of Crush It is a little bit different. This episode is a live talk show and it will be conducted at Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology, Odisha in association with OOUG – Odisha Oracle Users Group.

This is a two hour program on Career Guidance, Time Management, Social Media and Connection building, Goal Setting. There will be a QnA session for the live audience. The event starts at 3.30 PM and  on the Instagram live we will broadcast one hour of this event. However, on our Facebook live you can watch the entire event.


Karthik Abhiram

@karthikabhiram | @dailymoviesketch

Artist, Photographer, HR Lead, Campus Recruitment Lead for TCS Hyderabad region.

Subham Swain

@zuvam | @zuvamart | @hellohyderabad

Photographer, Social Media Manager, Director of Membership for OOUG (Odisha Oracle Users Group).

Ankit Goyal


Senior Application Engineer – Oracle, Vice President at OOUG (Odisha Oracle Users Group)