#CaptureMySun Photowalk Wrap-up

Few weeks ago MYSUN, an online solar marketplace, announced the launch of the #CaptureMySun campaign in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh inviting both amateurs and professionals to participate. Photographers would need to shoot the sun, in all its might and glory and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. The kick off event for the campaign was a photowalk, which took place in Hyderabad on February 5, 2017 from 3PM at Qutub Shahi Tombs.

Speaking about the event, Divyanshu Sachdev, Co-Founder of MYSUN commented, “Post achieving overwhelming success in Mumbai, we have brought the initiative to Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, with the photo-walk kicking off in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. At MYSUN we have aimed to simplify solar as much as possible and bring it to the masses and #CaptureMySun is a step in that direction.”

The photowalk was organised by Hyderabad based instagrammers, Sandhya Nagaraj, Subham Swain and Naman Jain. The total number of participants was 70+, which is a first for any Hyderabad-Instagram based photowalk.

“This event had to be really big, because spreading awareness about solar power is something very important for mankind. And we really wanted a lot of participation to promote this campaign. So, we put in a good deal of effort to market the event well on Instagram as well as Facebook. It went off really well and I thank each and every person involved with this from the bottom of my heart”, said Sandhya.

Subham, the admin of Hyderabad’s most active Instagram group @hellohyderabad said, “It felt great to see the enthusiasm today which only goes to prove people’s willingness to support the use of solar energy in the long run. The good turn out was anticipated as well, which shows that people are interested in making a difference. It was also nice to see how the love for photography brought everyone together in such a short span of time.”

Naman, who happens to be one of Hyderabad’s youngest instagrammers, added “The whole experience was so good; I got to meet so many new photographers. Hats off to MYSUN for such a nice concept. Now I am really looking forward to more initiatives like these”.

Arpit Verma, AVP-Marketing of MYSUN, who was also present at the walk said, “A big part of our initiative at MYSUN is to create and curate demand for rooftop solar and that requires a lot of awareness. We believe with #CaptureMySun we will be able to build interest in solar in a unique way that has never been done before. We also saw a fantastic turnout in Mumbai and that is why this time, not just Bangalore and Hyderabad, we have opened the gates for everyone in the respective states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana to participate. In fact, we are also encouraging people to do photo walks in their RWAs, societies, offices, schools etc.”

The results of the #CaptureMySun contest was announced in the official instagram page of MYSUN on 26th March and the winners from A.P, Telangana are

Rizwan (@rizwan26) and Hamza Shah Khan (@shahkhanh)